Will Homeowners Insurance Pay for Raccoon Damage?

Raccoons can do a lot of damage to your home. And getting it covered by your homeowners insurance can be a discouraging task. Once you have discovered that the raccoons made part of your home as their den, they have already ravaged through your property.

Aside from the physical damage, the presence of raccoons can also lead to serious health issues. Contact with urine or feces by ingestion, bite, open wound or touch are dangerous to your health. Some of the diseases that can be transmitted by raccoons include leptospirosis, roundworm, and rabies.

Most insurance companies will pay for raccoon damages as long as you submitted the claims correctly. However, if the claim is rejected, you can still have the expenses covered by your insurance policy.

The Vermin Exclusion Clause

There are some homeowner’s insurance policies that have a vermin exclusion clause. When you inquire about your property damage claim, the insurance provider will inform you that the damage falls under the vermin category. They can use it to deny your claim, especially if your policy has a vermin exclusion clause.

Vermin is a small animal or insect that is annoying and destructive. While it might seem that the insurance company is right and you are going to pay for your expenses, the term is sometimes misunderstood by insurance companies.

You should know that courts don’t consider raccoons as vermin. And that’s the reason why some homeowner’s insurance policies specifically exclude raccoons. If your homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t exclude raccoons, then you should pursue your right to receive coverage you need for the removal of the animals and repair of your home.

How to Get Coverage

It is important that you keep a clear mind when dealing with insurance companies. You should consider the way you explain your problem to determine how your claim will end. Keep in mind that the insurance field agent is not a raccoon expert, and he will not understand how big the problem might be.

As soon as you are aware of your raccoon problems, you should contact the field agent right away. Be gentle in your approach so that one will be cooperative and you will get the right information.

Ask the field again if they are going to pay for the trapping, removal of droppings, decontamination, repair, and restoration. If the agent tells you that your claim will be disapproved, your next step is to collect information.

You can submit a claim in writing even if the field agent tells you that it will not be accepted. In the letter, ask whether raccoon damage is covered by your homeowners insurance. You should also include anticipated damages, as well as health risks. You should also ask for a written reply from the insurance company.

Your written request will be forwarded to the adjuster’s desk, who will consider the liability issues and the consequent health problems. If the letter comes with a report from a wildlife professional, the adjuster will be likely to grant you the coverage.

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