Will Homeowners Insurance Pay for Squirrel Damage?

Squirrels can do damage in your house that can amount to thousands of dollars. Most homeowners insurance includes a clause that is excluding damages that are caused by the rodents such as squirrels. There are also policies that can cover unexpected and sudden damages inflicted by the rodents. Normally, you may want to ask your lawyer or your insurance provider if you are covered for these consequences.

Your Squirrels Can Increase Your Insured Loss

In a situation where a violent windstorm blows the shingles on your roof, and then the squirrels suddenly invaded your attic which leads to a leak, the insurance company should pay for the damage on your ceiling and roof. In case the squirrel invaded your house, and the roof was blown away by the windstorm, the agency will only cover you for the roof damages.

In most cases, when a damage to your property is due to the wildlife species it will not make a difference when the damage happens due to a particular event. For instance, if the squirrel invaded your attic and destroyed your wiring and your house catches a fire, your insurance policy should cover you for the damages. In case the squirrel only cause a minimal damage in your electric line and you neglected it, the insurance company will not pay for the possible damages.

There are also particular situation when your insurance policy will shoulder the cost of your utilities when the damages remain undetected before you purchased the property. For instance, if the house inspection team failed to notice damages that are caused by squirrels and it eventually lead to a more significant damage, your existing insurance policy should handle the cost of the damage. On the other hand, if you did not employ a home inspection service, the insurance agency will refuse to shoulder the cost.

In some instances, the insurance policy can also cover you for the damages that are not really stated in the policy. If you have the house inspected before you decided to buy the property, and the inspector failed to notice a major damage such as damage in your attic that lead to the wildlife infestation, the home insurance coverage will not cover the expenses. However, professional liability policy of the home inspector may cover you for the damages. You should never hesitate to ask you attorney about the insurance claim especially when the damages on your property is not entirely your fault.

Most of the home insurance company will handle the cost related with your wiring system and the damage on your house. However, the total cost that they are willing to handle may vary depending on the policy that you acquired. Your insurer can also limit the amount of percentage depending on the situation. Squirrels, just like any other animals can inflict damages to our property. However, the details of the policy related with the claiming process may seem complicated. We encourage you to talk to your insurance company directly to be aware if you are covered for these damages or not.

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