Will a Pest Control Company Remove a Squirrel?

Squirrel infestations in houses can be extremely troublesome to a point they can be considered a pest. However, if you ever face such a situation, will be you are able to call your local pest control center? The answer, unfortunately, is no! Pest Control services usually only handle insect related problems. Even though squirrels are arodent, you likely not get the support from a pest control service when you are facing such an issue. Nevertheless, there are a few ways you can successfully control a squirrel invasion to your attic or your house. Let us give you a few tips.

How to Control Squirrels Invading Your House?

The most important thing when controlling squirrels in your house is to remove what attract them inside. Even if you try to close the entry points for them as much as possible, their little teeth are usually sharper and more than capable of making small holes in weak parts of your house to get in if there is something inside that attracts them. The main attraction is the food of any kind. Try your best to cover your food items and keep them in enclosed places at all times at least once their attraction subdues.

Once you make sure that they are little to no attractions for squirrels inside of your house, make sure that you have boarded all the entry points in case they still try to get in. You can use metal nets to board up windows and other openings on the walls if you want to keep the squirrels out but the sunlight still inside. There are effective gutter covers in the market which will prevent them from trying to get inside of the house through the roof. Restricting access is the best way when trying to control squirrels since once they get in it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them.

Other than sealing the entrance point, sprucing the branches of trees which are near to your house where they get easy access to climbing to your house is also recommended. Do not stack boxes; firewood etc, too near to your house walls so they can reach the roof and sneak in through openings that you cannot reach to close up.

After you take all the precautions and they still manage to get inside of your house, you have no option but to use a live trap. Using poison for them can be unsafe for you, and it can be unhygienic and messy for those who are living in the house as well. There is no squirrel specific poison, and so you have to use regular rodent poison which can be ineffective as well. Therefore, using a live trap is the best option that you can go for. If you can afford a professional trapper, if would be the best way, but you can set up the live trap yourself as well. Once the squirrels are caught inside the trap, make sure you drive them at least 5 miles away before you release them into the wild.

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