Should I Hire a Pro, Or Remove Bats Myself?

Whether you are thinking of hiring a pro or getting to do it yourself, handling your bat problem is still a very important issue that ought to be dealt with as soon as possible. So, that means that you have to make your mind up as fast as possible. There are certain advantages and disadvantages that are linked to both options.

That said you need to go with the option that has more disadvantages than disadvantages while taking into consideration the kind of person you are. In other words, if the sight of bats sends cold chills down your spine – just get your phone and ping the nearest exterminator.

Hiring a Pro Vs, Doing It Yourself

When it comes to getting rid of bats, there are certain pros and cons that come with either getting a pro or doing it yourself. For instance, if you choose to do it yourself, you will end up saving a bark while you are at it.

Secondly, it will definitely help you gain experience when it comes to dealing with the creatures on a later date. But when you hire a pro, things will most certainly run smoothly as the experts are well seasoned in the art of bat exclusion. The work will also be done much faster than when you choose to do it yourself unless you are an expert in that area of specialization.

The other advantage of hiring a pro is they have the right protective attire to handle bats because, well, bats can bite when they feel cornered. They also have the right traps and cages that are needed. The only problem with hiring a pro to remove the intruding bats is that they will charge, which isn’t always expensive if the kind of effort they put is anything to go by.


So, to answer the question whether to hire a pro or doing it yourself when it comes to removing bats, it all depends on you. If you do have the guts to get up close and personal with bats (which most people don’t), then you can get to do it yourself. You can also get to do it yourself when you are aware of the animal welfare act of 2006 that details the right way animals in your capture should be treated.

If you cannot abide by these laws, you will put yourself on the wrong side of the law which will definitely attract a fine on your side. If you cannot do it, then you are better off allowing a qualified, highly trained animal control expert come to your home and taking care of business on your behalf.

Besides, it is the best option because they will do it right and end up saving you all the trouble that comes with excluding bats effectively. And once they have sorted the issue out on your behalf, they will ask for so little it will surprise you. Having a bat problem? The best option is calling your exterminator and letting them handle the situation on your behalf.

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