What Should I Do with a Raccoon After I Catch It?

You have identified the clues of having a raccoon infestation and even managed to deal with the problem yourself. Congratulations on catching the creature, but the question you are asking yourself right now is most likely, what should I do next?

There is a variety of options available to you to choose from, and they all depend on the state you live in. We would recommend that you should release the creature in the wild; however, some states legally bind you to kill the raccoon on site.

The Professional Way

Hiring an expert on the matter would be the best option to choose. Specialists have the experience and knowledge needed to deal with the situation in the safest manner. If you live in a state where you are required to euthanize the raccoon once you’ve caught it, you should definitely not do it alone. Pest experts know how to kill the animal without unnecessary pain and how to get rid of the body without the consequences of potential diseases spreading. While we do not advice you to go against the law, we prefer to go with the more harmless way of release.

Relocate the Raccoon

It sounds simple enough, however, this is not the case. The thing is raccoons are quite intelligent compared to any other pest. This is why they were able to adjust to the life in cities and could be found even in the most urbanized areas. What that means is that they can find their way back home easily, if you release them too close to your property. Preferably you would have to take the raccoon ten miles away.

While contemplating on how to deal with the animal, it is probably still in the cage, which could be quite stressful leading to its dehydration. Since it will be irritated, it will try to scratch or bite you so don’t attempt to give it water without precautions, the best way would be to supply water via a hose.

This should still be something you think of when handling the cage and moving around with it. Don’t stick your fingers inside unless you want the creature’s mark on you. If that happens, you would have to go and get a Tetanus and Rabies shot for reassurance and as a prevention precaution.

Be sure to let the animal somewhere in the wild where there are no other people. If you set it free near the residency of other people, you are most likely just creating the same problem you had, for them. If you have both the mother and her babies are sure to catch all of them and not split them up. The survival rate of babies without their mother on a new location is not even worth mentioning, and it’s not much better if they are left in your property without parenthood.

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