What is Raccoon Eviction Fluid?

If you have looked at products that repel raccoons, you most likely have seen Raccoon Eviction Fluid. It comes both as a paste and a liquid and is used to repel female raccoons. Raccoon Eviction Fluid is made with gland secretions and urine from male raccoons.

How Does It Work?

Raccoon Eviction Fluid works by making a female raccoon think that there are male raccoons in the area. Male raccoons are a threat to baby raccoons, so female raccoons try to avoid living in areas that are close to any male raccoons. Like other mammals, male raccoons will kill any young that are not theirs. Most times, the death of the young causes the female to go back into heat.

If a female raccoon already has young and smells the scent of a male raccoon, she could feel threatened and will move her young to a new location that she thinks is safer. This is a gamble, and the female raccoons know it. A female raccoon may leave her young for a short amount of time to see if there is a location nearby that is worth the gamble. She may take the risk and keep her young at the same location and hope that the male raccoon leaves. This is why raccoon eviction fluid does not have a 100 percent success rate.

How to Use It

Raccoon eviction fluid is very simple to use. You just need to pour the fluid onto rags or any items you do not mind ruining that will soak up the liquid. Then you just need to toss the items into where the raccoons are living. It is also recommended that you place some rags around the entrance and exit of their home.

When Should You Use Raccoon Eviction Fluid?

Raccoon eviction fluid will only work if the raccoon is female and has young with her. Even then, there is the chance that the fluid will not work. Whether it works or not will depend on the raccoons, the area they are living in, and the environment around your home. Raccoons are very smart, so the females will not try to move their young unless they know there is a safe den nearby. There is no all-purpose raccoon repellent that works all the time, so you may need to try different methods to remove them.

What If the Raccoon Eviction Fluid Does Not Work?

There is a good chance that raccoon eviction fluid is not going to work. If the fluid does not work, you will need to remove the raccoons the normal way. You could call a removal specialist and they will remove the litter by hand and will trap the mother raccoon. Once the raccoons are caught, they will be transported to a safe location in the wild.

If you have tried raccoon eviction fluid and it did not work, you will need to use raccoon traps to remove them from your house. There are many humane traps that you can catch raccoons with that you can buy in stores or online.

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