What if a Raccoon Got Inside My House, Bedroom, Kitchen, Etc.?

Once you found out that you have a raccoon tenant in your house, you need to know first how they are getting an access to your house before evicting them. Raccoons can gain an access in different parts of our house. Different parts require different approach to successfully evict the raccoons. There are instances that it can live in the tight spaces of our house such as the attic. There are also situations when they are trapped in the walls or at the crawl spaces. Here are some of the things that you need to do to properly remove the raccoons when they enter your house.

Raccoons in the Walls and Ceilings

When a raccoon is inside your ceiling, you will hear the sound of the ceiling tiles. There are instances when the raccoon can work its way to the wall voids by passing through an entry hole or through the attic. There is also a possibility that the baby raccoon will fall to the void space and will be trapped. The solution to this problem is to rap at the spot of the ceiling or wall where you can hear the sound. This is a great way to analyze the mobility of the raccoon. If this is a large raccoon, it will create a loud sound, but if it make a soft sound, it is most likely that it is an infant that is dependent with his mother. In case that you hear a raccoon in a place that is difficult to access, you should contact the help of the professionals to safely get rid of the raccoon.

Crawl Spaces

There are raccoons who like to live in the tiny crawl spaces of our home. Generally, this is the ideal den of the mother raccoon. Sadly, this infestation can lead to different problems such as waste and structural damage. In most cases, you have to wait until the young can already leave on their own. If you want to get rid of the raccoon family immediately, you may need the help of a professional to humanely get rid of them.

In the Basement
Raccoons in the basement may not be that common, but it is very possible to happen. The raccoons love to live in the basement during spring time. Raccoons are smart creatures, and they can hide very well. During spring time, you should refrain from using traps since you can leave the infant to die. The best thing that you can do is to play loud sounds that will scare the animals away. You may also seek the help of the expert to extract them safely from your house.

When you have an animal infestation, it is important to stay calm. Remember that the animals can get pretty aggressive when they feel threatened. Sometimes, all it takes is a little dose of patient to wait for the animals to leave on its own. However, if the raccoon feels too comfortable, it is time for you to call the help of the professionals.

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