What Should I Do if I Find a Nest of Raccoons in the Attic?

You hear noises in the walls, above the ceiling or the roof. You have probably seen a raccoon somewhere in your home, and you believe it is responsible for the noises. You have had a look at your attic, and you just saw a nest of raccoons. In a world where human and animal conflict is evident, these are common cases, but the question is what you should. The only solution you have is to get the nest of raccoon removed, get them relocated and seal all the entries.

Remove the Raccoons

By using protective gear, you can get in the attic to remove the raccoons. You have to be an expert in this, and you should not touch them with your bare hands. You should ensure that you are cautious when handling the baby raccoons due to the fact that they could be carry viruses and diseases such as rabies.

Seek Professional Assistance

The best way to remove the raccoon nest is to seek professional assistance. There are many wildlife technicians who are trained and focus on removal of animals from homes. The noises you hear must be stopped, and the professional must get into the attic, find the baby raccoons and take them away. Wildlife technicians know how to remove a best of baby raccoons safely and in a humane manner.

Why You Should Remove a Nest of Baby Raccoons

There is every reason why you should get rid of the nest. You will have peace of mind from the annoying noises. Baby raccoons can starve in your attic or get sick, and they will end up dying. Once they die, you are assured of a stench, flies will be everywhere and maggots.

What to Do With a Best of Baby Raccoons

When you see a nest of baby raccoons in your attic that means there is an adult raccoon somewhere. If the adult is not trapped and eliminated too, you will soon be dealing with similar voices. The baby raccoons are perfect bait, and thus they should not be relocated before the female has been caught. Get a cage and use the babies as live bait. After the mother is caught in a humane way, relocate all of them.

Having noises and a nest of baby raccoons in your attic is not interesting and if you cannot remove them by hand, get a wildlife technician to do it. When the nest is left on its own, the noises will get worse, raccoons will increase in numbers, and your house will turn into a 'small zoo'. It is also very likely that the babies may starve to death which will give you more work of removing dead raccoons from the attic. It is advisable that once all the raccoons have been trapped, they should be relocated and all the entry points sealed. It's the only way to get the animals out of your home completely.

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