How to Keep Raccoons Out Of My Bird Feeder

Raccoons are extremely resourceful and clever; this is the way people often find it challenging to keep them off their personal property. Hen houses, dog houses, and bird feeders are the number one targets when it comes to city raccoons who try to feed themselves and their babies. Fortunately, there is a way to keep raccoons away from your bird feeder.

Of course, no one wants to actually hunt or kill these lovable animals that are actually keeping larger predators away from your home. This is why you want to find a way to keep them away without risking hurting them at the same time.

- Proper Piping

If you want to protect your feathered friends as well as their eggs, a good solution is to use some smooth, plastic pipes. This will not hurt the raccoons but will frustrate them enough in order to give up. All you have to do is place some piping around the pole to your bird feeder. The raccoons will try to get a grip, without any success. This constant movement will eventually wear him off.

- Squirrel Baffle

If it is good with squirrels it will be efficient with raccoons as well. Go to your local pet store and get a squirrel baffle for your bird feeder. This will totally confuse the raccoons and will make them go away from your feeder. You don’t have to hurt them at all, just confuse them and frustrate them. Therefore, you ensure that when they will try again some alternative ways to find food, your house will not be an option at all.

- Stay Away From Trees

It is very crucial to keep your bird feeders away from any trees or large plants. This is the easiest way for a raccoons to access the feeder. You are giving them an easy way to reach the seeds and possibly mess up with your birds as well. Choose a spot with no trees all around instead.

- Repellents

You can find many squirrel or raccoon repellents that will try to keep these animals away, without hurting them. Use a repellent that you will find most suitable for your case and use it all around the bird feeder. This will not cause them any harm and will keep them and your birds safe.

- Night Activity

Raccoons are nocturnal animals; therefore, they will hunt and try to catch food at night most of the times. If it is not a major inconvenience, you can take down the bird feeders every night and store them inside your garage. This way the birds will be able to eat during the day, and at night the seeds will be well protected by the intruders.

If you still find it difficult to keep them away from your feeders, perhaps it is time to consult with a specialist that will help you better understand the problem and offer you additional solutions to the problem.

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