How to Keep Raccoons Out of My Garbage Cans

Garbage cans not only contain food for the raccoons, they also act as shelter to the raccoons. Most people keep their garbage cans a stone throw away distance which means that when the raccoons are done with the food in the cans, they will directly move to the house and cause the damage. The good news is that there are four ways that can help you to get rid of the raccoons in the garbage cans. Below are among the ways that you can use.

1. Secure the Top Cover With a Rubber Band

For the raccoons to get inside the garbage can, they must first of all make a way through. They create the entrance to the can by removing the lid on top. Using a band or a rope that runs from one handle to another, you can secure that lid in place and ensure that the raccoons don’t enter the place completely. The drawback of this method is that it can lead bad smell inside the garbage can.

2. Hang Blinking Lights Around the Cans

Raccoons don’t like the presence of human beings. When you keep blinking lights, they will see conclude that there is a person near the garbage cans and this will make them to stay away. You can keep Christmas lights as well because they have the same effects as blinking lights.

3. Sprinkle Ammonia on the Garbage

Raccoons are animals that don’t like any bad smell or chemical harshness. Ammonia can keep them away since it is not that pleasant. When you apply it on your garbage, you will end up chasing any available raccoon. The good thing about this method is that it eliminates even the big raccoons near the garbage can.

4. Keep a Radio On the Whole Night

Raccoons hate noise; they know that noise are associated with the presence of human beings. To ensure that you keep them away, look something that will proper moderate noise the whole night and make sure that you keep it on. It could be a radio or an electric bell as long as it makes some noise. Once they know that there is sound near the garbage bin, they will never dare to come close to it. The other alternative is to keep the cans at a place where these creatures cannot access them. This way, you will keep them away from the garbage cans.

The bottom line is that eliminating these animals from the garbage cans is easy as long as you deploy the appropriate measures. Don’t allow them to accumulate inside because that will make you have a hard time in eliminating them. Make sure that you try as much as you can keep the best traps around the cans that will also capture them. Covering the garbage cans seems to be the best way to prevent the raccoon’s invasion. Apply repellants as well so that you keep them away without spending much of your time.

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