Things You Should Do When You Find a Rat inside Your Home

Rats are medium sized creatures with long tails, and they normally like hiding in the dark places. Rats are harmless to human beings, but they are very destructive when in large numbers. If you find a rat inside your home, you need to eliminate it before it reproduces and increase the population of rats in your house or compound. Unlike other animals, rats are very noise, and they can eat even clothes and shoes when they grow big. Below are some of the things you can do to eliminate the rat from your home.

1. Bring in a Cat

Rats cannot stay where there are cats because they know they can be feasted any time. You don’t have to bring in the house a big cat, even a small cat is enough to scare away the rat and make it leave the house for good. The voice of the cat itself is enough to make the rat relocate from your house. Rearing a cat is a safe option and it is a quick way of eliminating the rats from your house.

2. Set Traps and Baits

If you choose to use traps to eliminate the rats, first identify their favorite places where they like playing a lot. You can identify their playing areas in the house by looking at where they drop their food remains or where they have severely destroyed things. When you place traps in these areas, you will capture a great number of them. Make sure that you inspect your traps regularly so that you remove any trapped rats and reset your trap again for other rats to be captured. Secure your trap with stable materials because when the rat is trapped, it might escape with the whole trap.

3. Use Poison to Kill the Rats

There is a special poison for the rats that kills quickly. Poison kills a lot of rats within a shortest period of time but you need to be careful of yourself as well because the poison kills even human beings. Make sure that you wear gloves, put away all your utensils and cover all foods in the house. Mix the poison with something the rats want so that they get attracted to it and when they eat, they end up dying. Poison is good way of killing the rats especially if they are plenty in the house.

4. Remove What They Need from the House

When you keep food remains openly, keep grains in open places and put bird feeds in accessible places, rats will invade your home. Keep your house clean and make sure that all the covered places and dark places where rats hide are exposed and cleaned. This is what will make your house a rat free zone.

To conclude, when you see a rat in your house, there are many ways to kill it. Depending on the number of the rats, the place they have invaded and the quickness of how you want them out of your house, you can choose from the above methods.

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