How to Get Rats Out of the Attic

Attic is a vulnerable place to animals in most homes and rats are some of these animals. Once in the attic, they start scratching, they leave droppings; they gnaw on wires and even pose a serious health risk. The only way to get rid or avoid these issues is to get them removed from the attic completely.

How Do You Know There Are Rats in the Attic?

The first thing you should do if you have not seen the rats is do your research. Learn how their droppings look like, how a structure they have chewed on looks like and the kind of noises they make. If you see droppings resembling brown thick grains of rice, chew marks and smudges, then the noise from the attic is that of rats. The most common time to have them in the attic is during the cold season.

Inspect the Building

Rats take advantage of open spaces in a building such as holes, eave gaps, ventilations and roof lines thus before removing them from the attic, inspect the building and seal up any holes. The sealing includes of the attic where rats will not have any more entry points.

Set Up Your Most Preferred Trap

There are various effective traps that you can use to remove rats from your attic. The one thing that you should not use to remove rat is poison which could lead to more problems. If the rat happens to consume the poison, it will die in your house which means it will double work of locating and disposing it.

Lethal Trapping

There are various types of lethal traps such as crocodile, snap and gas chamber traps. Snap traps have been used for ages due to their effectiveness in rat removal. They are in fact perfect for capturing rats in the attic. The benefit of snap traps is that they are not only effective, but they are easy to set up and bait as long as you place them in the right place.

Set up a Cage Trap

The main reason for recommending this type of trap is that it is safe for the animal and the homeowner. Despite the fact that rats are not pets and they are a nuisance when in your attic, you need to be humane when getting rid of them.

Clean Up

Once you have successfully removed the rats from the attic, it is time to clean up. Once you have cleaned up and repaired any damage from the rats, ensure that you fumigate the house especially the attic. This gets rid of rats’ spores.

Rats in the attic can be problematic considering the noise they make and the dirt they live behind as well as how they can gnaw on things. The other problem is that they mate throughout the year and the two rats in your attic can turn into hundreds of them. Ensure that you use the most effective way of rat removal.

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