How to Get Rats Out of a Wall

Rats are naughty creatures that not only cause disruption at night, but they can also chew things ranging from plastics, papers, fruits and even clothes. They reproduce in large numbers and the more they stay in house, the high the population they grow. Getting rid of them is easy, but you need to do the operation strategically since most of them might remain in hidden places. To identify the presence of rats in your house, you need to check for their signs like biting of food, making noise at night and nibbling of things. The scampering noises at night are a clear indication that rats are present.

Block All Entry Points That Rats Can Use to Access the House

Rats live in the ground in the holes that they make for themselves. When you see them in a house, it means that they are following something which could either be food or a playing place. To ensure that rats do not get access to your house, make sure that you identify and seal all openings that lead the rats to your house. Fencing does not help because these animals climb even the smoothest surfaces to get access to a place. You need to seal wall cracks, weak pints of pipes and other open channels.

Place Traps and Baits in Areas Where the Rats Play

Traps can help to reduce the number of rats from your home. The problem is that one trap catches only one rat at a time which will be difficult to eliminate all rats at once. If you completely rely on traps, you will have to wait for several weeks before you eliminate a large number of the rats. Baiting will increase the preciseness of the traps, and many rats will be trapped making you to eliminate a large number of the rats within a very short time. Check the traps every day and remove any trapped rats and dispose them so that you re-set the trap and catch new ones. Secure your traps to avoid them from being carried away by big rats.

Setting traps should continue until you hear no more sounds of the rats. If the rat population is dense in your home, make sure that you supplement the traps with rat poison. Caution should be taken when using poison because it could be touch utensils and other materials. When using poison, make sure that you separate and cover all foods because rats tend to fall anywhere when they are poisoned. Poison works quickly, and it kills a lot of rats within a very short time.

To conclude, removing rats from the wall is a very easy task. You need to make sure that you seal all the holes and cracks that could provide an entrance to the rats to access the building. Make sure that you cover all food left over and keep them outside the house. Most methods of eliminating rats from the wall don’t offer satisfactory results within a single day, but as days go by, you will realize that the noise and destruction gets reduced.

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