What do rehabbers do with baby raccoon?

Very often, people come across young, abandoned baby raccoons that seem to be an orphanage. If you are the kind of person who is capable of nurturing a baby raccoon and then release it, then there are some things you need to know in order to properly treat your new pet.

First thing first, you need to be sure the raccoon does not have a mother indeed. Leave it where you found it and pay close attention to the nest. Try to stay low for a couple of hours in order to make sure that the mother is not coming back. If she was coming back, then two hours is the maximum time she would be away from her baby.


If the baby was alone for too long, chances are that it is dehydrated. This is why you have to start with a pedialyte, often used to human babies as well. After the baby is properly hydrated, you can go to the pet store to find a milk replacement.

The ideal choice is to purchase a baby milk for kittens because this is the best replacement for raccoon milk as well. Under no circumstances, do not feed the baby with the same milk you are drinking. Goat or cow milk makes most animals sick.

Right Temperature

Another crucial thing that you need to take care of is the baby’s temperature. You have to make sure the raccoon is warm and comfortable. You can wrap it with a blanket and use a warm bottle next to him in order to maintain a high temperature.

It is very important for the raccoon to be warm; otherwise, he will not be able to digest anything that he drinks, and this will lead to several, other medical issues.

Proper Waste Removal

The mother raccoon will lick the baby to stimulate the urethra and anus and help the baby make waste. You need to replace this action with a warm, wet cloth in order to help the baby raccoon. If you don’t, you might even risk the baby’s survival. Make sure you see the baby raccoon properly urinates and defecates after the meals.

Kitten Food

After a few weeks, your new pet will want to eat some solid food as well. You can choose from a wide variety of kitten food and find the one best suited to your raccoon’s need. After a while, you can try giving him fruits and oatmeal.

Release Time

If the raccoon does not attempt to leave on its own, you have at some point, let it go. Just make sure that he can survive on his own and that he can find food on the outdoors. Alternatively, if you want to keep him, of course, you can but if it is a female don’t forget that you might end up with a raccoon nest inside your house at some point.

Raccoons are wild animals that should be on the forest instead of a human house.

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