Where Should I Relocate A Trapped Squirrel?

There are some things that you need to consider when relocating a squirrel. You need to make sure that the relocation area is at least 5 miles away from the place where you capture it. If not, it can easily find its way back to your house, and it will create the same problem. You should also avoid keeping the squirrel in the cage for a prolonged period of time. Keeping them on the cage can be stressful to them. There is also a possibility that they will be dehydrated if they are kept in the cage for too long. You may use a hose if you want to give it water. Finally, you should be careful when handling the trap or cage. Avoid sticking your fingers inside where they can bite you.

Choosing the Relocation Area of Squirrels

Before you proceed in relocating the squirrel, you may want to familiarize yourself on the local laws. The law may prohibit the relocation of the squirrels on public areas. With regards to the best relocation area, the answer may vary. There are individuals who will think that the best area would be the woods. Other will think that they will thrive well on undeveloped area; however, make sure that there is a source of water near the location. Some people will also suggest that squirrels caught in the suburban area will survive better in that type of environment. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that they will also cause the same problem to other household. Personally, we think that relocating the animal, regardless of the location is a stressful experience to them. They are used to their environment and introducing them to a new environment requires them to adapt immediately.

Relocating Baby Squirrels

When it comes to relocating the babies, you should never relocate them unless all babies are mobile. In case you have two traps, you need to release the babies first and then release the mother. In the event that you release the mother first, they will runaway and abandon the babies especially if they are inexperienced. You should check the relocation site on a daily basis and make sure that the babies have been retrieved by their mother. You may also introduce them in a proper habitat that has a constant source of heat.

Essential Tips to Improve Their Rate of Survival

If possible, you should release more than one squirrel in the relocation area. A squirrel has a lower rate of survival when they are on their own. Before releasing them, make sure to contact the local authorities or the owner of the land to avoid any repercussion. Analyze the whole area before you release them. Make certain that there is a water source and it should be far from populated area. Avoid releasing it on an area that has predatory dogs or cats. You should also relocate the squirrel when the weather is nice. This will encourage the squirrels to check their new surroundings.

Introducing the squirrel to a new site will not be that simple. In truth, most squirrels that are relocated have low level of survival due to predators. You may seek the help of the expert if you want to ensure the survival of the squirrels.

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