Will a Pest Control Company Remove a Raccoon?

When there is a mouse, rat, or a huge amount of bugs in your home, the first people that you sill usually call is a pest control company. It can be difficult to know what animal is living in your attic or chimney by just the noises and the feces that you find. Most companies will come out to determine what animal or insects that are living in your home.

However, most pest control companies do not offer raccoon removal services but only offer insect removal. This means that you may need to hire another company to find and remove the raccoon from your home. Some companies will trap the raccoons and will release them back into the wild, but other companies will use inhumane traps and poison to kill the raccoons. Here are the two most important questions that you should ask when you are hiring a raccoon removal service.

1. What Animals Do They Specialize in?

Some animal removal companies will only remove mice, rats, and squirrels from a home or a property. This could be because the animals are smaller, so they can be removed faster. There are also companies that will only capture one type of animal. This information should be on their website, but if you are not sure, you should call the company and ask.

The best option is to hire a company that catches most animals that could enter your home. This can help if you are not sure what animal is living in your home.

2. What Traps Do They Use?

There are many traps on the market, and they can be broken down into two categories, which are lethal and nonlethal. Lethal traps are not always lethal, so they can cause painful and drawn out deaths. They can also harm your pets if the animal goes near them. Nonlethal traps are the best option because it catches the raccoons, which means that the raccoons can be removed from your home and released back into the wild. They are also safe if a pet happens to get caught in one, so the animal can be released away from the area where the trap was.

Some companies will also catch the animals by hand if there are babies or if the traps have not been working. This can be time-consuming, but it can help ensure that all raccoons are removed from your house before the entrance, and exit holes are sealed off. If this service can be done will usually depend on the amount of space, there is in your attic or wherever the raccoons are located.

Most pest control companies do not offer raccoon or other animal removal. So, if you think that there are unwanted animals living in your home, you should call an animal removal specialist. Most times, doing this can reduce the amount of time that the animal is living in your home and causing damage. If you can, you should hire a company that uses humane traps and releases the animals back into the wild.

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