How to Find and Remove a Dead Squirrel in a House

Some home owners make a mistake of poisoning squirrels, and they end up dying in the house. They can also die from natural causes. It could be in the walls, the attic or even in a porch. The worst part of this is the smell that comes from the carcass. Getting the exact location where the dead animal is can be quite a challenge but it is possible.

Seek the Assistance of a Professional

One of the best ways to find and get rid of a squirrel in your home is to seek professional assistance. This is because besides being professionals, they have ideas of where the squirrels are most likely to hide depending on their habits. They also follow the scents that lead them to where the carcass could by lying. This will save you a lot of time. Another advantage of seeking the assistance of a professional is they know how to dispose the carcass without causing problems in your home. They have the right protection gear thus reducing the risk of spreading diseases.

Follow the Scent

Your nose can be of great help when trying to locate a squirrel in your home. You can sniff around, but this means that you have to walk around and even get confused at some point since it seems the stench is everywhere. Where the smell seems to be the strongest, this is where you should check thoroughly.

Check for Stains on the Wall

Another thing that can help you in locating a carcass of a dead squirrel in the house is to check for a stain that seems strange. It could be on the ceiling or on the wall. This might require a lot of work to confirm whether this is the exact location of the squirrel.

Removing the Dead Squirrel from the House

If you did not use the services of a professional and you managed to locate the carcass, it is time to remove it from your home. To prevent the risk of an infection, you need to put on protective gloves and use a plastic bag to put the carcass in a sturdy bag. Seal the bag before disposing it.

Disposing the Squirrel Carcass

There are several ways that you can dispose the carcass. You can dispose it with the local department of animal services, you can dispose it with your regular garbage, and you can even bury it. This depends on your preferences, but the option should be the most appropriate and one that does not put anyone’s health in danger.

Having a dead squirrel in your home can be a daunting experience since, besides the stench, it is a health hazard. Once you have located the carcass and disposed it in the right manner, you should consider cleaning the affected area. Wear gloves when doing the cleaning and ensure you do not come into contact with any fluid that may have leaked from the carcass.

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