How Do You Remove a Raccoon Stuck in a Dumpster?

Dumpsters are one of the most favorite places for raccoons. It is a safe, warm, closed container which often has food and provides safety. It is one of the factors which allowed raccoons to adjust to the urban environment and survive. It only takes a single instance on which the raccoon would find food in the dumpster to make it return every day.


Before going into the method of dealing with raccoons which are in your dumpster, we want to go through the prevention methods. Your garbage cans and containers should be closed off. You could strap them down with bungee cords or with any other means. If you notice trash being spread outside of your container, then you’ve found a clue that a raccoon is going through your garbage.

A Stuck Raccoon

The garbage containers have one simple function for us. A place to get rid of our waste and have it transported for recycling, Raccoon, on the other hand, is animals which will eat almost anything as long as it is food. They have no particular preference and only use the food for survival purposes. It is another advantage which they developed to be able to adapt and live in cities. If you don’t seal your garbage can in an area with raccoons, you are sure to get a recurring visit by those rather large pests.

The normal procedure for them would be to get inside, go through every item in it, find the food, eat it and go out to go back home as soon as possible. Raccoons have a strong memory and are quite the good climbers, however, are quite inconsiderable when it comes to food and once they identify it, would go after it blindly. That is the main reasons raccoons often jump in a dumpster and get stuck. As good climbers as they are cannot exit if, there is nothing to climb on.

How to Remove It

The first and most important thing once you have spotted the raccoon is to not panic. We know it’s odd and raccoons have an unpleasant reputation. Reacting negatively, however, could make the animal hostile which won’t make things better.

Most of the times the creature cannot exit the container because it has nothing to climb on, look around and if you see a tree branch or some kind of a box you could pick it up and place it inside the container. This will enable the animal to leave the premises. If there is none of that, don’t worry, you probably went to the dumpster to throw out your trash that could be enough to help the animal exit. Just watch out and don’t throw it on top of the raccoon, otherwise you will enrage it.

In case this hasn’t helped it is most likely best to call the animal control in your town and let them deal with the situation.

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