How to Use One-Way Exclusion Funnels to Remove Rats without Trapping Them

Finding that your house has been infested with rats can be one of the most frustrating things to happen to a home owner. Not only they are unhygienic with the wealth of diseases they bring, they can also be extremely destructive. They chew through not only food items but also paper, soft wood, and clothes as well. They also chew on pipes and electric wiring in your home or commercial building which can cause shortages and do higher levels of damages. Getting rid of them, rats can be tedious affair which mostly includes poison and traps that cause a mess and sometimes grotesque situations which you may not want to witness. If you do not favor killing and harming rats, you can use one-way exclusion funnels to remove rats without trapping them.

What is a One-way Exclusion Funnel?

The concept here is simple. Most of the times the rodent species have one specific entrance point that they use to enter and exit their primary nesting place. You need to find this point and set up a one-way exclusion door to it which allows the animal to go out but not get in. The door is created so that it opens only one way. If you try the reverse way, the door will be tightly shut. This helps you get rid of the rats in a humane manner without causing harm or killing them. This door usually comes with a cage which helps you trap the animal and release them far away from your home so they cannot get back in.

When you set up the one-way exclusion funnel, you need to make sure that all the other exit and entry points are shut securely. Otherwise having the one-way door will not be effective since the rats can escape through other entrances. It is ideal if you get the help of a professional when you use the one-way exclusion method since they are trained in finding the entry spots and covering them all except the main one where they will set up the one-way door and the cage if needed.

Once you manage to get rid of all the rats through this method, you need to securely broad up the main entry point and thoroughly clean the area where rats used to nest, so there won’t be any lingering residue or traces of smell to attract other rats to the same place. Make sure that you do check-ups around your house every few months to make sure there are no new entry points for rats to get in.

Using a one-way exclusion funnel to get rid of rats is one of the more environment-friendly ways of making your house rodent free. With this way, you will not be killing or harming the animal, and also there will not be any harmful chemicals used either. You will simply be removing the animal from your home environment and releasing them to a more suitable environment for them to live in.

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