Will Repellents Get a Bat Out of the Attic?

Bats are interesting nocturnal animals which are created in an extremely interesting manner making them the only mammals capable of sustained flying. However, none of us like bats around us unless we are in Gotham and it is actually Batman! For those who are suffering from a bat invasion in your attic or any other part of the house, the most important thing is getting rid of them as soon as possible since bats can make a space extremely messy and unhygienic very soon. Once you decide to get rid of these bothersome animals, the first thing you probably do is searching on the internet on what the next step be. Then you will see that there are a large number of “bat repellents” in the market.

Do Bat Repellents Work?

The short answer is, “No”, bat repellents that come in bottles in the market do not work and they are not effective in anyway but adding some chemical smell into the air of your attic and making the situation even more unbearable. Some of the articles on the internet suggest “home remedies” which will make all the bats in your attic go away and never comeback again. However, that is also not true. There really is not anything that you can simply use to get rid of bats once they invade a space. The only method that truly works against them is getting the help of a trained professional who has the equipment, skills and a carefully put together strategy to get the bats away and proof your house so that they will not return. There are methods that can do it by yourself, but you need to be prepared for a tedious process which can take much energy and time.

What Can You Do?

Before you go into hiring a professional, it is important that you are knowledgeable about the depth of the problem in your hand. It is good if you wait until they leave your house and do a thorough examination of the infected area. Check all the entrances to the attic and see if they can be fully covered. Check the residue that they leave behind and you can roughly assume the number of bats you have to deal with. Then you need to work quickly and seal all the exits and entrances to your attic within a short period of time before the bats return. This will force them to immediately find a different space to go since they need to rest in a darker place during the day. After sealing all the places, bats can enter, do a thorough cleaning of your attic area to get rid of any residue and droppings. Make sure you finish the cleaning by using a good anti-bacterial disinfectant for further safety. There can be entrances to your attic which you may not see during the first attempt, so you might need to continue doing this a few times until you get rid of them completely.

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