Will Repellents Get a Raccoon Out of The Attic?

Raccoons are considered as an urbanized animal which are normally drawn to the areas that are populated by human since their home is an abundant source of food. Pet owners tend to leave food for their pet, but in the end, the raccoons will eat it instead. It is a wise animal that is skilled in digging deep into the garbage can, and it can create meals out of the food scraps. After the raccoon managed to find a supply of food inside your home, driving it away will never be easy. It will return to your house to search for food. There are also instances when this animal will be too comfortable and reside in our attic. In this case, you will need an effective repellent that can drive them away.

Different Types of Raccoon Repellent

When you are looking for an effective repellent, you will be disappointed most of the time. A raccoon will not be discouraged due to the scent alone. The average types of repellent sold in the market are only mothballs that poison your surroundings.

Hot Pepper

Raccoons have an outstanding sense of smell. In most cases, they abhor the odor of the pepper. There are liquid peppers sold in the market that is intended to drive away the raccoons out of your gardens. You can also create a repellent on your own by combining cayenne pepper with hot sauce. This will only work if you have raccoons that are destroying the vegetation in your garden. Unfortunately, the strong odor of the hot pepper spray will not last that long. This means that if you want to drive away the raccoon, you need to spray it repeatedly.

Onion Repellent

The scent of the onion is not appetizing to raccoons this is why it can possibly repel the animal. The scent can be more powerful when it is combined with cayenne and jalapeno pepper. Spray it around your attic if you want to drive away the raccoons. Just like the pepper spray, the scent will immediately fade which is why it is recommended to spray them repeatedly.


Despite of the fact that the raccoons love to dig in our trashcan, they are generally clean creatures. They will never urinate close to their dens since they do not appreciate the scent of their own urine. Basically, their urine contains an amount of ammonia. You can simply hang it around your attic or your garbage can to discourage the raccoons. Sadly, raccoons can also immediately adapt to this situation. If they smell the scent of the urine, but they are not seeing any animals, they will return to your attic.

Eviction Fluid

Perhaps the most effective type of repellent would be the eviction fluid. It contains a fluid that is being secreted by the male raccoon. In case they have small raccoons, the mother raccoon will consider this as a threat to their babies and will immediately leave your attic.

Aside from these repellents, you want to make sure that they can’t access your property by blocking all the possible entry points. Once they gain an access to your house, getting rid of them can be a problem.

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