Will Repellents Get a Squirrel Out of the Attic?

Many homeowners have to face this problem at least one in their homes. It is very easy for squirrels to get to your attic and then it is quite difficult to remove them from there. Squirrels might be really small, but they can cause a lot of damage to your personal property. In order to determine if you have these guests in your house, you might notice some scratching or chirping.

Thankfully, there are many ways on which you can prevent such problems from ever happening to your own house. If you notice that some squirrels have already made your attic their home, here are some important tips for you.


First, you need to trap them and remove them from your house. In order to successfully do that, you need to first make sure that there are no entry points that the squirrels can use in order to reenter your attic. Use a professional to help you or you, can buy some commercial traps that will help you catch the squirrels, without killing them of course.

One Way Entrance

Make sure that your attic has only one way for the squirrels to get out. This is one very efficient solution to your problem. Once you chase them out, they will use this entrance to get out and then you can close it, so that they will not be able to enter again in the future.

Eviction Fluid

The most efficient way to chase the squirrels out of your attic is without a doubt the eviction fluid. You can use it to female squirrels that have brought their young ones to your attic. All you have to do is pour the fluid to all of your rags and any other items and furniture that you have in your attic. The squirrels will get out of your house and not return ever.

You can find it in many retail stores and professionals that will help you get this liquid. You will need a little professional help at least the first time that you are going to use it.

Other Repellents

There are many other repellents in the market that will help you keep the squirrels out of your house. These repellents will not kill those animals; they will only keep them away and prevent them from making any nests in your attic. If you already have some unexpected guests, then these repellents will not work for you.


You can always wet some rags and spread them across your house near all the location where you have spotted the squirrels. Ammonia will not kill them; it will only drive them away.

If you do not have any former experience on this field, then you should probably consider hiring a professional or getting help from a friend who has faced the same problem in the past. Keep the squirrels outside of your property and your precious things.

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