Will Repellents Get A Squirrel Out of the Chimney?

Squirrels may treat your chimney as a huge hollow tree. The squirrels are normally looking for a safe and dry place to live in. In case your chimney does not have any cap, there is a possibility that it may attract some inhabitants. The mother squirrels generally build their nest on high areas. On the off chance that you are hearing noise in your chimney, you may either have raccoons or squirrels in your chimney. We highly discourage you on starting a fire as an attempt to drive them away. Rather than leave, they might enter your fireplace, and you will end up having a grilled squirrel.

Repellents That You Can Use to Get Them Out of Your Chimney

Just like other animals, the squirrels are scared on the smell of their predators. In case they sense that there is a threat to their existence and their litters, it is more likely that they will leave the place. As we mentioned before in the other articles, only a small amount of repellents work. Most of them are based on elements that evaporate which means that there is a limitation on their potency. However, since your chimney is an enclosed space and the air flow is restricted, the strong odors will linger.

Commercial Repellents

When using a commercial repellent, make sure that you will choose a product that directly targets the squirrels. Most of the chemical repellents in the market are designed to target different vermin; these types of repellent have low efficacy rate. Try to look for eviction fluid that is developed using the urine and secretions of a male raccoon. Research shows that it has been proven effective against different types of rodents which can help you successfully expel the squirrels out of your attic. They are convenient to use since they are available in spray or powder form.

Home-Based Solutions

Home-based solutions can also be applied on your chimney to drive away the squirrels. They are intended to establish an area that may cause discomfort to the squirrels. You may use garlic that releases a scent that may affect the sensitive nose of the squirrels. You may place a garlic bulb, or you may crush it and immerse it on an oil solution. Peppermint oil can also release an offensive smell to their olfactory nerve. Combining garlic with peppermint oil can greatly improve its effectiveness.

There are no concrete studies to prove that chemical repellents are effective in repelling wildlife infestation despite of its advantages and benefits. Be sure to stay away from the products that states baseless claim in an effort to extract money from you. We advise you to contact the help of the professionals to help you identify the right product that can provide the best solution for your problem. You may also seek their help for a humane and safe removal that does not contain repellent that emanates strong stench. They have different effective methods that do not contain chemicals that may irritate your respiratory system and will not pose a risk to your pets.

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