Should I Ever Poison a Bat?

Bats at times can be irritating with their noise especially if they have found shelter inside your building mainly in the attic. This is their favorable place because it is warm and secure and it is also beyond the reach of many predators. However, bats are just small and harmless creatures that do not deserve to be eliminated in a cruel way. It is inhumane to poison a bat so you may rather find other means to remove them from your place. There are different methods that can be used to safely exclude these harmless creatures from your home.

Instead of poisoning the bats, you can opt to safely remove them from your home and permanently exclude them so that you will not encounter any problem from them again. There are just a few steps that you need to take to deal with this problem once and for all. First of all, conduct a thorough inspection of the exterior of your building especially the roof and other areas that lead to the attic to identify any gaps or openings. You can also try to monitor the movement patterns of the bats so as to be able to remove them from your building without harming them. Once you have identified all the probable entry and exit points used by the bats, then you can try one of the most appropriate methods to remove them.

You can use either a funnel or an item made of bird netting that is shaped into a longitudinal shape but with only one-way exit. These devices are safely placed on selected the exit points used by the bats as they go outside to look for food and you can close other openings if any. Once the bat has moved out through this device, it cannot use the same point to gain access into the attic again. Make sure that all bats have moved out through these points and check that there are no babies inside.

When the attic is completely free of any bat, they you can permanently seal all the openings that have been identified. There are different types of material that can be used to seal these holes. Wood boards can be used to cover the openings that are found within areas that are made of wood. A wire mesh can also be used to cover all the gaps that lead into the house such as chimney openings. These are advantageous in that they provide good ventilation. Rubber silicon can also be used to permanently seal any opening on the roof. This material is ideal for external purposes since it is permanent and barely affected by weather conditions. Once all the gaps have been properly sealed, the bats will not be able to get into your building again. This is a smart and harmless way of removing bats from your house instead of opting to poison them. This is cruel to creatures that have not caused any harm to you.

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