Should I Ever Poison a Squirrel?

As many see squirrels in their homes or properties, the first thing they think of is how to kill the animal. The most common way to get rid of the squirrel is to use poison, but the one million dollar question is should one ever poison a squirrel? The answer is no since this is not only illegal, but it is also inhuman. Poisoning a squirrel also brings some issues in the home such as bad odor.

Poisoning Squirrels is Illegal

One of the reasons you should not poison a squirrel is that it is illegal. It is illegal in the sense that the animal die a drawn out and painful death which is in human. There are also no poisons that are specifically made for squirrels. Poison works on the intestines of the animal slowly, which leads to an agonizing death.

Terrible Odor

Another reason you should not poison a squirrel is the effect that it leaves behind. You will not only deal with a terrible odor in your home, but you will also have to deal with the disposal of a carcass. This is different from when you use a trap and relocate the animal when it is still alive. The problem with the odor is it may last for weeks. The animal eats the poison which is unlikely and moves to die somewhere else.

Squirrels Rarely Eat Poison

Despite there being no specific poison for squirrels, poisons meant for rats are used. The problem with this is that the squirrels will rarely eat the poison thus it is very unlikely they will die from this. They prefer eating seeds thus it would be a waste of resources purchasing poison to kill rats.

It Is Not Effective

Killing rats with poison is not an effective way to eliminate them. This is because since they do not eat poison which is meant for other animals, you will have to deal with them for a long time. Even if one of them eats the poison, there will be others left as they tend to live as family.

It Is Expensive

It may seem more affordable to buy a rat poison to kill squirrels, but it is not. Besides spending money on the poison, you will need to dispose the remains in the most appropriate manner. This does not involve throwing it away and in this case, you will need the assistance of a professional.

Killing a squirrel using poison may seem to be a great idea, but it is not. It is expensive and frustrating to deal with a dead squirrel in your home especially in the attic. You will need a professional to get rid of the squirrel otherwise you will have disposal problems. Poison may not kill all the squirrels in your home and may not be effective since there is no specific poison for squirrels. The best way to get rid of these animals is to use the varieties of equipment in the market.

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