What Should I Do with a Squirrel after I Catch It?

If your house is close to a forest, then it is very likely that you might encounter some squirrels in your property, or even worse, inside your house. The most secure way to make sure the animals will leave your house and never return is to ensure that all entry points have been closed. This way when the squirrel will go out hunting, he will not be able to renter your property. This is a very crucial stage of your squirrel quest. If you allow them to enter your house over and over again, then the squirrels will create their nests inside your house and never leave again.

Let’s say your squirrel hunting was successful and you have managed to actually catch the squirrel, with a trap or a cage. Now, you need to be very cautious, since once you catch a squirrel, he will most likely try to escape by repeatedly hurting his little body against the cage. Stress can kill a young squirrel, even before you attempt to relocate him somewhere else.

The Relocation Problem

If you relocate the squirrel to a place he doesn’t know, then he won’t be able to find any food, water or shelter. Additionally, if you have managed to catch a squirrel from inside your house, there is probably the rest of his family in there. Before you relocate the squirrel, make sure you have all of his family with him.

Killing Squirrels

In many United States places, it is forbidden for you to kill squirrels. Try to avoid hurting them, killing them or feeding them to your pets. This is not only illegal, but it can transmit many harmful diseases to your pet as well.

Find a faraway place, where the squirrel can live, it must have many trees and an easy access to water, and then he will be able to live his life with success.

Kill Inside the Trap

Under no circumstances, do not kill the squirrel inside the trap; there are many different species that you cannot kill while living in the United States. In order to avoid such problems in the future, do not kill any squirrel that you manage to trap in a cage. Use a trap or a cage that will not harm the squirrel. The best option you always have with such occasions is to find the perfect place to relocate the squirrel, along with his family.

Opening the Trap

Do not open the trap with bare hands, when you will attempt to release the squirrel. Use thick gloves or any other gear you can think of, and stay as far away from the cage as possible. Release the squirrel with cautious away from any residential area, at least 30 miles away from the last house you saw.

There are many people who would prefer to kill the squirrel, but this, of course, depends entirely on your conscious.

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