What if a Squirrel got inside my House, Bedroom, and Kitchen, etc?

By any chance, a squirrel can get into your house especially the kitchen where it is attracted by the scent of food. However, a squirrel is not a pet but a rodent that should not be seen inside your house. In most cases, squirrels get confused when suddenly approached by human beings, and they start running around and making disturbing movements in the process. A scared squirrel can even knock down some valuable items in the kitchen. Therefore, you need to find humane ways of removing it from your house, and there are different steps that can be taken to safely remove it.

Leave the Doors and Windows Open

When you find a squirrel in the kitchen, for instance, it is obviously scared by your presence in the room such that it tries to escape from the room as fast as possible. In its state of confusion, it may not be able to locate the way out. Therefore, it is essential that you close all the ways that lead to other rooms from the kitchen then open wide the main outside entrance door. You also need to open the windows then leave the room for a while. The squirrel will then safely find its way out when the situation is calm. It is also important to keep all doors closed so as to keep the squirrels outside your house.

Remove all Pets that can harm it

When you discover a squirrel inside your house, you should also ensure that you remove it safely. When you keep pets like cats and dogs inside your, make sure you lock them away from the room where you find the squirrel. Dogs and cats are sworn enemies with squirrels, therefore, it is wise to make sure that these pets are locked away from the squirrel if you want to safely evacuate it from your house. The squirrel can find its way out when there are no dogs or cats in sight.

Set a Bait to trap it in a Humane Manner

Alternatively, when all other methods to remove a squirrel from your house fail, you can try the trick of baiting it. You can use a large bait trap with roasted peanuts inside since they produce an attractive aroma to the squirrels. From a safe distance, watch the movements of the squirrel, and once it gets inside the trap, you can swiftly move in to carry it outside where you can safely drop it. You can also use the blanket approach where you swiftly cover the squirrel with a blanket and safely wrap it such that you can lift it to a safe distance away from your house. Essentially, the idea is not to harm the squirrel but to remove it safely from your house. You must also bear in mind that there are professional animal handlers who can offer your assistance to safely remove a squirrel from your house if you are scared of doing it yourself.

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