Will A Squirrel In The Attic Have A Nest Of Babies?

When mother squirrels are about to give birth, they often look for space inside the roof known as attic. There are many reasons why the squirrels choose this particular space inside the roof. For instance, attics are often viewed as good accommodation for the squirrels since they are secure. An attic is secure in that the material used for roofing is strong and it does not easily break. Attics are generally warm since they are found in places just underneath the roof.

The other reason why mother squirrels choose attics to give birth is that they are beyond the reach of other predators that can harm them. Dogs, for example, can kill the squirrels, and it is for this reason that squirrels build their nests in attics. Dogs cannot reach the attics hence the mother squirrel will be safe together with its babies. Other predators cannot access the attic as well given that the entrance to the inside part of the roof are often very small. When the mother baby has found a place to stay in the attic, it builds a nest especially when it is about to give birth.

The mother squirrels build the nests for their babies using leaves, card board as well as other soft material. The mother squirrel will skillfully build the nest using material that is sourced from different places. The main reason why the mother squirrel builds a nest is that it is warm since it is made of material that is soft. The nest will help to protect the babies against harsh weather conditions especially in areas that are characterized by cold weather. When the babies are still young, they are vulnerable to bad weather conditions such as low temperatures. Therefore a nest will provide the much-needed warmth. A nest is also comfortable to the babies which have very soft skins when they are still young.

A nest also provides protection to the baby squirrels so that they do not fall from the attic. In other words, a nest is a safety net to the babies that are still vulnerable and not aware of what will be going on around them. The mother squirrel can also access its babies easily when they are accommodated in a nest. This makes it easy for the mother to feed its babies together when they are in a nest. The mother can also provide warmth to the babies when they are in a nest unlike when they are scattered in different places. A nest can also be easily recognized by the babies as their home when they grow. Even after moving out for a while, the babies will still come back to the nest since they would have learned that it is home. The nest can be retained for future use even after the babies have grown to be able to roam on their own. The mother squirrel can repair it when it is about to give birth again.

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