Squirrels Nest: How Are They and Where Can You Find Them

If you are wondering about the nests of the squirrels and how they are build, you need to first identify the different species. Not all squirrels use the same type of nest, due to their differences. There are the tree squirrels, the ground squirrels, and the flying squirrels.

The tree squirrels and the flying squirrels live commonly on the trees, while the ground squirrels live in burrows or even among rocks. Some of these species, such as the gray squirrel, the red squirrel, and the fox squirrel share the same characteristics.

Quick Overview on Tree Squirrel Nest

All squirrels, no matter their species choose to nest within something. They choose to create nests according to their surrounding area. For example, the tree or the flying squirrels will make nests out of dens and drays. They will make this nest at the side of a tree and will use moss and leaves as bedding. Dens are the best material that a squirrel can use in order to avoid weather and predators.

During the warmer months, a squirrel might choose to build a nest with dray at the braches of a tree. If the squirrel chooses to give birth in it, it will harden the nest with more leaves additionally.

Quick Overview on Ground Squirrel Nest

The ground squirrels will also use dens for their nests. They will dig a hole underground and create a burrow or even a whole underground tunnel system. It will be easy to spot them, especially if there are many ground squirrels all around. You will be able to spot many underground holes with some dirt all around.

Construction and Location

An adult squirrel will need approximately 5 to 8 hours in order to finish a proper nest. The squirrel must be certain that the nest will hold on to cold weather conditions and is able to accommodate a whole family. The best locations that squirrels choose are close to grapevine, close to tree trunk or somewhere will several branches spread all around.

The squirrel will use woven twigs, leaves and moss mostly for the nest. This is the first layer that will be put on to the nest. Then, the squirrel will lay some more leaves, moss, and twigs. Depending on the season, the squirrel will choose to make the nest thinner or thicker. The overall size may be two feet in width and one foot in height.

Many Different Nests

One squirrel is likely to have more than one nest. Depending on different seasons, it is very likely for a squirrel to have a thick, firm nest for winter and a thinner one for summer. These nests can be far away from each other and may be used only by the squirrel that has built them in the first place.

Squirrels are some fine builders, this is why you will never see a squirrel nest fallen on the ground or being all messy.

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