How to Keep Squirrels Away from Your Property

Squirrels are playful and noisy creatures that like jumping from one tree to another as they look for food and shelter. Their playful nature is interesting, but they destroy growing vegetables, eat birdseeds, and they can even intrude your house to look for food remains and stored cereals. Noticing their presence is easy, but it might be too late before you realize the damage they would have caused in your home or compound. With some few measures in place, you can keep these creatures away from your home or garden so that you spare yourself from their nuisance behavior and damaging activities.

1. Eliminate Squirrel Food from Your Compound

You might think it’s not a squirrel food but the reason why squirrels are overriding your home is because they have found something sweet for them. Rake up nuts, berries, and acorns that drop from trees in your yard are among the best foods that squirrels are attracted to. Try as much as you can to ensure that you sweep them out of your compound every day. Buy sealed trashcans to ensure that all food remains you will dispose will remain enclosed inside so that squirrels do not get access to them.

2. You Install Squirrel-Proof Materials on Your Bird Feeders

Since bird feeders are among the best foods for squirrels and you cannot live without them, it is good to squirrel-proof them. Buy a squirrel guard and attach it to the bird feeder to prevent squirrel from getting a grip of the feeder. Make sure that you place bird feeders away from trees because if feeders are near trees, squirrels will have access to them through jumping from up the trees to the feeders. Fill your feeders with safflower seeds, these are liked by birds but hated by squirrels.

3. Fence Your Garden and Seal Broken Walls

Although fencing is not that effective in preventing squirrel invasion, it gives them a hard way of invading your home and sometimes they give up and go away when the fence is hard to pass through. The fence needs to have small openings that do not allow the squirrels to penetrate through. Sealing of your broken walls and ceiling will close all the possible channels that squirrels can use to get access to your house interior. Once you have sealed every wall fissure and ceiling opening, it will be impossible for the squirrel to get inside.

4. Install a Live Trap

A live trap is a very effective method of preventing squirrel invasion especially if you know where the squirrels normally invade or visit at night. Install the trap where the squirrel likes playing and place some food in the trap so that you catch the squirrels easily. Once they are caught in the trap, take them outside and dispose them far away from your home without killing them.

Although these methods do not guarantee a hundred percent squirrel elimination from your home, they can help to make the squirrels run away because of the harsh environment created by these methods. Squirrels like staying in comfortable places, and once their comfort is compromised, they will not stay in that place.

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