How to Keep Squirrels Out of My Bird Feeder

Squirrels love to stay near food sources, and that is one reason you will find them in properties. They are notorious in no t only stealing nuts, but also in stealing food meant for birds. Despite this, there are various tricks that home owners can use to keep the animals out of bird feeder.

Use Light and Sound

Squirrels do not like to be bothered thus they will try their best to stay somewhere peaceful. One way you can drive them away from your bird feeder it to use light and sound. Use an LED light and ultra-high frequency sound devices which will repel them away with ease.

Use a Squirrel Baffle

Another great way to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder without hurting them is by use of a squirrel baffle. Under the feeder, attach the baffle which comes in shape of a dome which helps in providing a barrier. Curving downwards, squirrels will not be able to jump past it, and the bird feed will be safe.

Feed Them

Squirrels can also be kept away from bird feeders by feeding them. Set aside a place where you should be feeding them with various nuts and cracked corns. The area should be away from the bird feeder. Ensure their food is what they like so that they can stay away completely and with this, your birds will feed in peace.

Get a Squirrel-Resistant Feeder

This is a feeder that will allow birds to get through but squirrels cannot fit in. there are various types of these feeders with some of them designed in a way that they close down when a squirrel rests on the perches. This will ensure that the squirrels cannot access the bird feed but your preferred birds will.

Add Some Spice to the Food

One interesting thing is that birds cannot taste spices in their food, but squirrels highly detest this. Since birds will not be affected by the spices, you can add some to their food which will keep the squirrels away. This is a natural squirrel deterrent that is safe for both animals. Ensure that you do not put too much.

Hang the Bird Feeders Away from Trees

Hanging bird feeders away from the ground and trees will also keep squirrels away. Use a long wire or string since they are not able to walk on this. They will have challenges reaching the feeder which will discourage them from making any efforts.

Keeping squirrels away from your bird feeder is easy, and there are many options that you can choose from. Besides using squirrel-resistant feeders, keeping them away from trees and using spices on the foods, there are those that add plastic tubes along the poles hosting the feeders while others choose to keep dogs around. What is highly not recommended is the use of harmful repellents or poison to get rid of these pests. These animals can jump and climb perfectly thus you should use the most appropriate deterrent.

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