How Well Can Squirrels Climb and Jump?

Apart from their undying love for peanuts, squirrels are arguably the best climbers of all the species. They can climb up and down a tree head first and at lightning speed without losing their grip. A scurry for squirrels can play up and down a tree as though gravity doesn’t apply in their world and might even have a trick or two up their sleeves.

An average gray squirrel can jump up to four feet in the air, which is much higher than most human beings can even fathom. What makes their climbing and jumping skills epic is their lightweight, their sharp claws, and strong arms. Their long tails that are covered in fur is also an important part of their maintaining balance when climbing or jumping which is impressive.

Squirrels can hit a speed of 20 MPH running on the ground while they climb at a top speed of 12 MPH. squirrels are so good when it comes to climbing that they often dance along thin branches for the sake of having a great time. They can also walk on ropes in an upside down position using the “paw over paw” motion.

So now that we know how good climbers and jumpers the squirrels are, can we match their skills even if we tried? The answer is yes and here’s how we can go about it:

Beating These Immaculate Climbers and Jumpers in Their Own Game

The best way to catch squirrels is to ensure that you use the right bait. Since we cannot chase them over trees and over electric cables in “paw over paw” motion, we can lure them by using what they love the most. Using peanut butter or groundnuts (or any other foods that they find irresistible) can do the trick.

You can also use traps or bright lights to drive them out of your home permanently. There are gadgets that emit high pitched sounds that can be put in your walls and end up driving them away. And once they are gone, always remember to seal off all entry points to disallow them back into your house.

Keep Squirrels Out of Your Home Permanently

Ever heard of the dictum, “prevention is better than cure?” well, it is one of the most important things you can do when battling squirrels. These rodents are usually obedient to their instincts and will move in as long as the conditions are favorable. It is therefore brilliant to take away such conditions from your home so that they go looking somewhere else.

The first step to “squirrel proofing” your home is by taking down any bushes that can be quite a good habitat for them. The same applies to the tall trees that they can always use to climb in and out of your home and rendering you powerless. Always target the branches that touch your roof to make it hard for them to enter.

Make sure that you have sealed all entry points from your home as much as possible. Keeping your food safe and secure can also play an important role in keeping these enigmatic climbers clear off your property. Apart from having impressive jumping and climbing abilities, squirrels are also notoriously good when it comes to catching a scent.

So if you keep your nuts, peanut butter, leftover bread covered and away, then they will not have a reason to engage in a break in.

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