Do More Squirrels Live in Urban Areas or Wild Areas?

Many people may be surprised to learn that the gray squirrel which is the most common one is found in urban areas than wild areas. While there are different types of squirrels, it has been observed that the gray one is very common since it looks attractive and it is also bigger compared to other species like the red squirrel. However, it is not by accident that squirrels are very common in urban areas.

Why Squirrels are Common in Cities?

Squirrels were brought to urban areas by missionaries as a method to tame boys who were seen as cruel. The main idea was to inculcate a sense of compassion among the boys through exposure to these small animals which look very attractive. As a result, the gray squirrel is very common in major cities, especially in the parks. There are quite a number of reasons why squirrels are common in large parks in urban areas.

There is abundant shelter in the parks that are found urban areas. These places are comprised of huge trees that provide good shelter for squirrels. These small animals prefer to live in hollows found in tree trunks. The trees in the park also provide the necessary foliage for the squirrels since they enjoy playing in trees. Other spaces such as backyards in homes or hotels as well as school grounds are also common with gray squirrels. These places offer good habitat for the squirrels.

Availability of Food

The other main reason why squirrels are very common in urban areas is because of the availability of food. One notable aspect about the squirrels that are found in urban areas is that they have been tamed such that they are not even scared of human beings like the wild ones. Gray squirrels can even beg for food from people in the parks without any fear. These little animals also scrounge for food particles that are left by the people relating in the parks. As a result of the abundance of food in this form of habitat, the squirrels store some of the food for future consumption. These small animals are really clever since they know how to store their food in safe places as well as the type of food that does not quickly rot.

Interestingly, squirrels prefer to live in urban areas simply because they are protected. There are no wild predators in urban parks such that they can freely roam unlike in the bush where they are constantly on the lookout for predators. In bushes, there are quite a number of predators that have decimated the population of the squirrels still living in those areas. However, in urban areas, these small animals have come to realize that they are protected just like other domesticated animals. The squirrels in urban areas can even conceive more babies, and these will be safe from predators. As a result, the population of squirrels in urban areas is constantly multiplying.

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