How to Keep Squirrels Out of My Garden

With their fluffy and adorable appearance, squirrel is often a source of smiles and entertainment. However, for the gardener who will find their vegetables chewed and their garden bed disturbed, they are nothing but a source of frustration. The gardeners usually have that strong desire to keep these squirrels out of their garden. The first thing you need to do is to find some signs of activity by the squirrel. There should be shallow digging in the bed and marks on the fruits. There may also be missing plants and nibbled seed heads.

Keeping Your Gardens Safe from Squirrel

Usually, squirrels can be found in areas filled with trees. In case you notice some signs of squirrel activity in your garden, it is more practical to outwit them rather than remove them manually. Here are some of the strategies that can prevent them from destroying your garden.

Remove the Things That Attracts Them

In the event that you notice that a squirrel is returning frequently on your garden, there is a possibility that something is attracting them. The scent and the sight of the fruits, seeds, vegetables, and nuts can definitely draw the attention of these furry animals. Make sure that you will cover the bird feeder securely. Ensure that the lid of the trash can is properly closed to prevent the squirrels from discovering the treats hidden in your garbage.

Repel Them

If you search online, there are different recipes that can allegedly repel them. However, not all of them will work effectively. There are also commercially-manufactured repellents that contain capsaicin. There are repellents that contain vinegar and peppermint oil which can discourage them from visiting your garden. Unfortunately, the efficacy of these products quickly decreases especially on the outdoor environment. You will need to reapply them several times daily.

Distract the Squirrels

You can also distract them by providing them with treats in the isolated area far from your yards. You should place it away from your plants, edible crops, and garden beds. There are other gardeners who will plant tomatoes near their yard to give the squirrels food and prevent them from going near to their vegetable garden. However, there is also a possibility that you may attract other animals when you do it.

Scare the Squirrels

Having a cat or dog in your yard will scare the squirrels away and keep them from munching your vegetables. You can train your dog to frighten these squirrels. You can also purchase repellent that contains a predator pee since it will scare them but for only a limited time. Once the squirrel get used to it and find out that there are no predators in the area, they will return to your garden. You may play loud music in your yard. They are afraid on any human activity, and loud music will scare them away instantly.

Some gardeners also prefer to trap these squirrels. While trapping will definitely decrease their population and control your problem, there is a possibility that another set of squirrels will invade your territory in the future.

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