How to Effectively Get the Squirrels Out of Your Walls

Those people who have had the misfortune of having to deal with squirrels in their walls and live to tell the tale have no interesting in experiencing the same ordeal. Apart from the constant scratching and nibbling, squirrels have the potential of weakening the walls and electrical wiring which will make your home prone to accidents.

Thankfully, there is a remedy for the squirrel problem, whether you want to do it on your own or would love to have a professional over to do the honors. Either way, you need to also research on the laws so that you don’t end up overstepping and getting into trouble for harming the poor creatures.

Using Live Traps and Baits

The good news is that when it comes to evicting squirrels from your walls, you can still use the conventional ways that experts use when chasing them from the attics. You can either find a good and suitable trap or position it out of the way since squirrels are wittier than they are given credit for.

Don’t always make it obvious that what they see are a trap and that you wanting them inside. You can use the funnel shaped traps with bait at the end. When this is placed at the end of the drilled hole, the squirrels will definitely try reaching out, and that is where they will be caught.

There are some cases where there is more than one squirrel in your walls. If that is the case, then keep the trap until you are certain that they are all gone. Once this has happened, make sure that you have sealed the attic with mesh. Ammonia-soaked rags can also help you avoid the squirrel problem effectively and affordably.

Miscellaneous Ways of Evicting Squirrels from Your Walls

If you aren’t that good when it comes to using tools, then you have nothing to worry about because there are many ways to kill a rat, as the dictum says. First of all, you can simply drill a hole in your walls and put a special gadget that will evict bright light inside the walls.

Doing so will without a doubt give the squirrels so much discomfort that their only option will be to leave and look for somewhere else to make a home. And once they are out, you can proceed with sealing the holes up before they decide to come back.

Gadgets such as the Roxant Pro Mini LED Strobe Light which comes complete with 24 bright LEDs can chase the squirrels away effectively as long as they are strategically placed in their nests. If you find the bright lights uncomfortable in your walls, you can use especially gadgets that emit very high frequencies that will without a doubt have an effect on the squirrels as their ears are very sensitive.

The good thing about both ways is that these miscellaneous ways of getting rid of squirrels from your home will not put the rodents in harm's way. The latter means that you won't get into problems with the law depending on where you live.

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