What is the Summer Bat Maternity Season?

Bats like mating and reproducing during the summer season when the weather is warm and conducive. This means that in areas that are warmer than others, the maternity season starts early. A country like US, for example, bats maternity season starts at early April and goes all through to the beginning of August when winter starts stepping in. Depending on the species of the bat, maternity season differs from one bat to another. When bats are expectant, they come together to form a maternity roosts so that they hatch while together.

Different Types of Bats and Their Maternity Period

The evening bat maternity period starts in 20th April and goes all the way to 15th July. The earlier the maternity period starts, the earlier it ends before winter begins. Another species called the free tail bat starts its maternity period at 20th May, and it goes all the way to 10th August when winter is just about to start. Both the big and small brown bats have the same maternity period that starts from 1st June to 15th August. During this period, they come together not only for companionship but also for survival purposes.

What Happens During the Maternity Period?

When they are expectant, bats look for ways to deliver safely and protect their children from any source of harm. They like enclosed, dark and warmer places where they can reside. Besides having a safe residence like the caves, they also need a place where they can hunt food without their lives being threatened by anything. Some caves are not safe because they get accessed by predators always which make the bats to be at greater risk of being killed. As a result, bats seek for refuge in abandoned buildings where they deem to be safe.

How to Deal With Bat Maternity Colonies?

First, Bats are deemed as important animals that help in maintaining the ecosystem. It is legally unacceptable to kill or injure because they biologically help in eliminating insects. When you find a bat colony in your house, the best way is to call the wildlife animal services. Trying to remove them on your own will pose a great danger to your health since most of the adults are speculated to have rabies. When you exclude the adult ones, the young ones will end up dying, therefore, you need to make sure that you call experts to come and remove them safely.

Bats that are on maternity season normally don’t wander around because they are busy preparing for their expectancy period. Don’t allow bats to fly on your windows and doors because they can come into contact with food or other human skin and infect people with rabies. Seal all broken windows and prone all trees to ensure that you don’t attract bats in your house. Maternity colonies should not be evacuated unless the young ones are already growth and they can fly on their own. You can contact the wildlife animal services to get the best help.

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