What Are Some of the Symptoms of a Sick Bat?

As humans, we are meant to be in harmony with wildlife and nature that surrounds us. However, being the most intellectually developed animals on this planet, we take precautions when needed in order to stay healthy and free of harm. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that is near to a forest or greenery where other animals reside, it is expected that you might face some invasions in your home especially by smaller animals who prefer darkness such as bats.

Contrary to popular belief, bats are not always unhygienic or harmful to have around. However, bats are one of the most common species which carry the deadly disease rabies, and that can cause fatal harm to humans. Technically, any mammal including the dogs and cats you raise as pets can carry rabies. The difference is that while you can give proper vaccines and reduce the chances for your pet to carry rabies, you cannot take such measures with bats who are in the wild and take refuge in your attic sometimes. Therefore, knowing to recognize the symptoms of a sick back can give you a chance to take needed precautions and also medications if you ever get bitten by a bat.

Visible Symptoms of a Sick Bat

One of the most visible symptoms of a rabid bat or any other mammal is aggression. Their behavior becomes physically aggressive, whilst healthy bats are usually very inactive animals especially during the day. Another symptom which can be caught by careful observation is vacant or staring expression in their eyes. They tend to directly look at the space disoriented while being aggressive due to the reactions rabies make inside of their body.

Rabies and other dangerous illnesses cause difficulties in flying for bats since their flying is connected to a complex set of activities in their body including finding their path at night as nocturnal animals. Therefore, you can see them being disoriented when flying or even walking on the floor or other surfaces. You might even see visible wounds on their body which they suffered due to trying to fly while being sick.

What to Do If Bitten by a Sick Bat?

While you may not feel immediate reactions to getting bitten (or even scratched) by a bat, later there is a chance to experience severe breathing difficulties, spasms and even possible death if infected by rabies. Therefore, if you ever face such a situation, wash the bitten area with clean water and soap, use a disinfectant and contact a physician immediately. It is important that you follow this if bitten by any bat, not only those who suspected to have rabies since only a professional can truly determine the possibility of a bat having rabies. As a precaution, always avoid touching, disturbing or being near any bat, even if you suspect them to be dead. If you need to touch a bat in order to help it or remove it from a place, always wear thick gloves and stay as far as possible.

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