3 Ways to Keep Raccoons Out Of Your House

Raccoons are always cute when you are looking at them on the TV or when you happen to encounter one on the forest. They have cute, little faces that make you think you could actually have one as a pet. In reality, these animals can cause many problems in your everyday life. They can mess up with your garbage and leave many unpleasant surprises in your backyard.

If you haven’t found any raccoons inside your house yet, then it is very likely that you will find some day if you don’t make sure that you can keep them out of your yard. Raccoons tend to feel more and more comfortable with you until they can find a crack in your house and build their nest in your attic.

Here are the best 3 ways to keep raccoons away from you and your family:

1. Keep Your Trash Safe

Protect your garbage by using a rope or a chain around the lid in order to make sure a raccoon cannot open it up and spread the garbage all around. If this isn’t convenient to you can place a brick on top of the lid in order to prevent them from ever opening it. In the market you can also find some trash cans that have embedded some sort of lock. Make sure you clean your trash can regularly to prevent raccoons from actually smelling them. In addition, since raccoons are nocturnal you can try to put out your garbage in the morning instead of at night.

2. Remove Food

Very often you tosh some food like old fruits to your yard as a natural fertilizer. While this is amazing for your plants and trees, it will attract many hungry raccoons on your yard. Providing them with food will only make things worse, and the raccoons will never leave you alone. If you own a pet, make sure you don’t live their food outside at night. Feed your dog the proper amount and then take away the food.

3. Close the Entry Holes

Make sure your house doesn’t have any possible entry holes that raccoons could use to enter your house and make a nest. If they do, then you will find yourself right in the middle of a raccoon family. And they may seem cute, but when a mother protects her young ones, she can be quite frightening. Check your attic and every other place for possible cracks. Do regular checks and keep the raccoons out of your house efficiently.

No one wants to live with the anxiety of having a wild animal into his house. You don’t have to think about all the time if you manage to follow these simple tips. Your family and you will be safe from the diseases raccoons can actually bring to your house. All you have to do is make sure you don’t give them reasons to visit you every day.

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