Effective Ways to Remove Squirrels from the Attic

Squirrels are arguably the most adorable wild animals you will ever see, that’s until they invade your home and start scratching everywhere when all you need is a good night’s sleep. But thankfully, there are ways you can get rid of them. One way of doing so is by putting up an evacuation notice isn’t going to help because it is common knowledge that squirrels don’t read. And even if they did, well, they wouldn’t want us to know.

The first way you can do so is by using glue boards. This is pressure sensitive glue that will immobilize the squirrel at the entrance faster than he could finish saying “honey am home”. The good news is it won't hurt the squirrel and once you have all of them, and discard them before patching up your attic.

If you are aware of how your attic is laid out, you can always cut a hole in your wall and look for the squirrels manually, and once they have been removed, you can always seal it and proceed with your life once you have sealed the hole they used to get in.

If you are tired and don’t want to go through a lot of trouble, you can just seal off the attic and wait for the squirrels to die. Cold? Probably, But it's much better than having them chew electric wires and putting your entire family in jeopardy. Make sure that you are using wire mess or a chimney cap because ventilation is very important in your home.

Other Clever Ways to Remove Them Squirrels

As earlier stated, squirrels got to your attic by instinct. You can, therefore, use the same instinct to drive them out. You can start by sealing the attic and then putting a funnel-like trap with a narrow hole at the end. Outside, you can put some nuts that will draw the squirrel out, and they will definitely get stuck trying to come out.

Using ethically approved traps with nuts as bait placed at the entrance of the attic will catch them with so much ease right before you seal it with mesh. A live trap can be purchased affordably at any hardware store and used at any given time.

When using traps, remember to use the correct bait. There are some things that squirrels just can’t resist, and those include bread crusts, walnuts, soda crackers, peanuts, apple slices and peanut butter among many others.

Remember to Be Human When Kicking Squirrels Out

When removing squirrels from your attic, you need to remember that these animals didn’t get there just to piss you off. Squirrels aren’t some delinquent child who deserves to be punished for egging a neighbor’s house or something close to that. All they did was try to provide a home for themselves and their off springs and, well, your attic seemed like the coolest place to move in.

Being a Good Samaritan and letting the squirrel and his family crash in your attic for free can end up badly for a number of reasons. First, squirrels and electrical wired haven’t been the best of friends. They chew into wired and more often than not, can cause a fault in electrical equipment making things go BOOM!

They don’t pay rent, yes; we get that, but please be nice. If you aren’t up to the task, it would be a good idea to employ the services of a trained and experienced exterminator who will use all of the necessary precautions to get you sorted out.

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