What Areas Can Bats Enter a House Through?

As long as the conditions are favorable, bats are going to fly into your house without asking for permission. And if you hadn’t taken the necessary precautions and “bat-proofed” your home, then you will definitely have an issue getting them out. Some of these areas that are conducive for a nursery colony or roosting place include the attic, the chimney, high windows that are always open and many others.

That said if you ever suspect that you might have bats in your home, better find a way of sealing off all the possible entry points.

Why The Bats Chose Your House and Not Your Neighbors?

Bats are animals that act and react purely on instinct. That said; it is very important for you to work as hard as possible to ensure that you find those attractive agents and get rid of them. If not, then your bat problem will be nothing short of perennial – which is a nightmare. If your house is tall and looks like it can offer protection to both the bat as well as its offspring, it would move in without notifying you.

The same case when your house offers a particular temperature that will mean the bats save on energy and don’t have to go into torpor state. Bats also love convenience when it comes to food. That said; if you happen to have an overflow of juicy insects near your home, then chances of having bats as your new “roomies” will definitely be much higher than ever.

What to Do Once Bats Invade Your House?

Bats can be such a nuisance once they make it into your house. It is, therefore, a good idea for you to have an expert over to get rid of the problem at a small, considerable fee. But if you choose to do it yourself, then there are quite a number of things that you will be required to do. First things first, it would be a good idea for you to study them so as to figure out their behavior.

You should then record the time they fly out to look for food and when they fly back to sleep. That kind of pattern will go a long way in helping you get rid of them. Once you have discovered their place of entry, you will proceed to ensure that they are able to fly out and not in. You can design a funnel shaped trap at the entrance that can only allow them out but not in.

Another way you can use to get rid of your bat problem is by using special gadgets that can emit high-frequency sounds undetected by the human ear. Bats are super sensitive to sound, and once they have been introduced to that kind of disturbance, they will have no other option but to leave.

And since bats are important in our ecosystem, it would be a good idea to trap, release and seal all the possible entry points. And once you have solved your rat problem effectively, the next step for you would be to clean up their droppings in order to avoid guano-related ailments s well as insect problems.

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