What Property Modifications Will Keep Down Bat Populations?

Bats are considered harmless. Unless you disturb their roosting ground, they will not bite and suck your blood. The main issue when you want to get rid of the bats would be rabies. However, according to the experts, only 1% of the bat population is infected with rabies. Rabies will normally be transmitted due to mishandling. The presence of bats in your property can cause a significant damage on the materials of your property. Before the bats caused an expensive damage, you can perform some property modifications in order to drive them away. There are lots of ways to discourage the bats from roosting in your property.

Modifying Your Property to Keep Down the Population of the Bats

Bats can create a significant damage to the property that they invade. They will normally choose a place that is free from disturbance and predators. This is why most bats will choose to roost in your chimney and attic. These places are hidden and dark which keeps the bats safe from the other animals. They are also being protected from the severe weather condition. As the colony of the bats grows larger, the possibility of getting the infrastructure damaged increases. The droppings of the bat can also create a mess on your property. Normally, they will create damage on our roof and balconies and other places where the repairs can be costly.

Home modification is the first step that you need to take if you want to keep the bat population down. You need to create a thorough home inspection and look at the possible entry points of the bats. Look at your balcony, roof, and attic and find a hole that can serve as entry points of the bats. A bat can fit in a hole that measures ½ inch. Any rusted, cracked, rotten or split spots should be fixed immediately. Focus on the gaps located in your roof since it can be the possible means of access of the bats.

Using nets would be the best way to cover the gaps and holes that you can’t completely seal. This may include the vent, balcony and the chimney. Nets can be purchased in any hardware stores or stores that specialize on animals and birds. You can also use bird spikes on the place where the bats are roosting. The bird spikes can be manufactured from various materials such as plastics, steel, woods and stainless steel. After successfully installing the bird spikes, the bats won’t be able to roost there.

Finally, regular cleaning of your property is an effective way to keep the bats out of your property. Bats love to roost in a place where there is a huge source of food and water. They normally eat insects so if you want to keep them away, you need to get rid of the insects first. Keeping your property clean will significantly decrease the amount of bats roosting in your property. In case your efforts are still unsuccessful, call the help of the professionals to get rid of the bats safely.

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