What to Do About a Raccoon under the Porch

So your bird feeds are being eaten, your things are being destroyed, and you feel like you should remove your porch. If you realize that your porch has been invaded by raccoons, there are ways that can help you eliminate them before they destroy your things. Besides destroying things, the raccoons are also noisy creatures that can cause a lot of discomfort in your house. Follow the below ways for you to eliminate the raccoons quickly.

1. Remove the Food They Like

Raccoons like places where they can get some food and shelter to live comfortably. They need water and they like feeding regularly. To ensure that you eliminate them, make sure that you eliminate what brings them to your porch. Once they realize that the place no longer contains what they like, they will quickly get out and look for another place to live.

2. Keep a Cat in Your Porch

One thing about raccoons is that they don’t like cats especially the small raccoons. You can keep like two cats in the porch so that whenever the raccoons get out of their hiding place, they will be threatened by the cats. This will scare them away and get out of the porch. Cats may not be able to eliminate them if the raccoons are big so you will need to have a big dog.

3. Set Traps and Baits

This is a simple method yet a very effective one that can make you to eliminate all the raccoons within a week. When you have the best traps, you can catch them in big numbers and this will reduce them. You can set traps to catch them alive or dead depending on what you want. The baits must contain food that the raccoons like most for you to catch them in large numbers.

4. Smear the Liquid Repellant

This is a repellant that is meant to make the raccoons stay away from your porch. It is mostly applied to the things that the raccoons like eating. When the raccoons find out that the taste they are looking for is not there, they will not spend their life in that porch so they will move to another place.

5. Clean Your Place, Make It Open

If your place has a lot of hiding places, these animals might end up living there without you knowing. Seal all the holes, make sure that you dismantled all things that have piled up and separate things that lean on the walls of the house. Once you do this, there will be nowhere to hide for these little creatures, and they will get out of your place.

The bottom line is that removing raccoons from the porch is very easy, you just need to make sure that you plan early before they reproduce and become many in number. Be careful when using chemicals or poisons to eliminate them because whatever is harmful to these animals is also harmful to human beings.

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