What to Do about a Cage-Shy Squirrel?

Trapping a cage-shy squirrel can be a bit challenging exercise given that it can simply avoid the bait. There are different things that you need to understand when you are attempting to trap squirrels of this nature which are mainly found in the attic of your house. One thing you should know is that an attic is not easily accessible therefore it may also be difficult to put the right bait that can trap the squirrel. The other issue is that it may not be possible to trap the squirrel using the wrong bait. You need to find an ideal cage that can be placed in a suitable place.

Locating a the Bait in the Right Place

Trapping wild animals is an exercise that requires great skill and knowledge about the behavior of these species. If you want to trap a cage shy squirrel in your attic, you first need to be patient and take your time to monitor all its movements. In some cases, a squirrel can have one or more exit or entry points into the attic. When you are satisfied about the path it takes when it goes out to look for food, then this can be a starting point. You need to place the bait at this point such that the squirrel will fall into the trap as it makes it way out, as usual, to look for food. Once trapped, you can safely dispose the squirrel and seal all the openings to the attic such that the squirrels will not come back again.

You also need to monitor and observed the feeding ground of the squirrel before setting a bait to trap it. Placing the bait in the attic may be a wrong choice since squirrels do not feed inside attics. You need to carefully place the bait with peanut butter, the squirrel’s favorite on top of the roof or in the backyard where the squirrels often search for food. You can easily monitor the movement of the squirrel from a distance during the day. Once trapped, you can safely dispose it away from your house.

Hire and Experienced Wildlife Handler

Wildlife handling profession requires great skill and experience. Whenever you are experiencing problems related to trapping a cage shy squirrel, try engaging the services of a professional wildlife handler. This professional will perform all the tasks related to trapping the squirrel up to the disposal stage. This means that you do not face any hassle in trying to do it yourself since these hard to trap squirrels are a bit tricky especially if they are in the attic. It may take a long period of time before you finally manage to trap it. This is the reason why it is prudent to engage the services of an experience handler of wildlife to save you time. These people have knowledge about the right baits to use as well as the exact location where they can place them.

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