What to Do About a Squirrel under the Porch

Squirrels adapt to new environments quite fast and under the porch is one of their best locations for their dens. It is not easy getting rid of squirrels under your porch especially when a mother and a newborn are involved. Although some people opt to use rat poison to get rid of squirrels under their porches, the most effective and easy way is to trap them.

Get a Professional

The best way to get rid of squirrels in your porch is by seeking the assistance of a professional. You may feel that you have the knowledge of getting rid of squirrels by poisoning them, but you cannot do it like professionals. This is because they will not only trap the animal in a professional way, but they also know how to do it carefully and relocate them. You may have issues with this especially if it is your first time.

Put a Standard Tube in the Porch

One effective way that you can get rid of squirrels in your porch is to use a standard tube. This is equipment that even professionals recommend. The tube is designed in a way that it attracts the squirrels to pass through, but the trick is that once it is inside, it cannot come out. Due to the ease of use, it has become popular equipment in squirrel removal since it also has a handle so that a user can easily relocate the animal.

Consider the Season to Drive Them Away

When you have a squirrel or several of them in your porch, you will find it easy to relocate them in some seasons than in others. They are known to reproduce in the early spring. In the late fall when they are big enough and early in spring just before they give birth are some of the best times to remove them from your deck.

Drive Them Out with Light and Sound

Squirrels do not like to be disturbed thus you can use light and noise to drive them out of your porch. To do this, you can tune in to a radio station with music and add a bright lamp in the porch near their nest. LED bulb is highly recommended. When they see and hear this, they will end up relocating.

Use Prevention Techniques Once Eliminated

Once you have driven the squirrels out of your porch, use prevention methods to ensure they are not back. Avoid leaving their favorite foods in the porch or near the porch such as fruits, nuts and bird feed. When you put such foods within their reach, they will ensure that they stay where they can easily access them, and this is definitely in the porch. You should also seal all the entry points to keep them away.

Getting squirrels out of your porch is not hard as long as you do how and if you are not sure, use a professional. Being humane by using the best elimination and prevention methods is a key to controlling squirrels in the porch.

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