What to Do About Squirrel on the Roof?

If the squirrels are failing to find their way down, you can trap them such that you are able to safely evacuate the. However, you should be very careful since the trapped squirrels on rooftop can be very aggressive since they will be trying to find their way down. Squirrels have very sharp teeth and nails and can be very dangerous to people if they feel threatened. Therefore, when setting a bait to trap a squirrel on top of a roof, caution should be taken to avoid getting into close contact with it. It is also recommended that you should approach a trapped squirrel on top of the roof while wearing protective clothing since its behavior can be unprecedented. An aggressive squirrel can pierce your skin with its sharp teeth.

When you have managed to trap the squirrel on top of your roof with bait, you can safely dispose it in a place where it can find an alternative habitat. However, you should always remember that trapping a squirrel on top of a roof is not an easy feat. In order to avoid danger, you can engage the services of a professional person with experience in handling wild animals. You should just be prepared to part with some money, but the good news is that the task will be performed in a professional manner without causing any harm. These professionals have knowledge about the right baits to use to trap the squirrels on top of your roof.

Alternatively, you can scare away the squirrel on your roof by playing loud music inside your house. Squirrels are scared of noise, and they usually want peaceful environments. It is ironic that squirrels love peaceful environments while they disturb the peace of people in their homes. By playing loud music, the squirrel on top of the roof can find its way down the way it would have climbed. It is better to scare it earlier before it finds its way into the attic where it can stay permanently. Effort should always be made to ensure that the squirrel is not given the chance to get inside the house from the rooftop since it can cause damage to property.

Seal All the Holes on the Roof

It is also important to seal all the holes or cracks on the roof to help prevent the squirrel from gaining entry into the house. Squirrels can cause destruction if they are allowed inside the house. Alternatively, you can also cut all the overhanging tree branches on your roof so that the squirrels will not find any way of jumping to your rooftop. Squirrels are creatures that can be very noisy on top of the roof, therefore, it is important to make sure that all alternative avenues there are blocked. By removing tree branches closer to your roof, you will be making sure that the there is no squirrel that would be able to get on top of your roof.

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