What are Some Ways to Kill a Squirrel in the Yard?

A squirrel can be a nuisance in your yard. It disturbs your peace of mind, and it can also destroy your property. In order to get rid of it, there are different ways that can be used. The simplest way is to kill the squirrel, and you know that you are done with the problem. This method is final since you do not waste your time trying different plans to catch the squirrel. There are many ways that can be used to kill a squirrel in the yard.

You Can Use Poison to Kill a Squirrel in the Yard

The method of poisoning is very common when you want to kill a squirrel in your yard. There are different types of poisonous compounds that can be used to kill squirrels. For instance, rat poison can be used to kill a squirrel. This poisonous substance is laced with the squirrel’s favorite food such as roasted nuts, peanut butter or bird feed. This food is then left in the open where it can be accessed by the squirrel. It should be noted that the method of poisoning take different periods of time depending on the type of the poison that has been applied. In some cases, the squirrel will die slowly, and you can only learn about its death through the stench of the decomposing carcass somewhere inside your yard.

Set Predators on the Squirrel

The other simple but cruel way of killing a rat in your yard is to set dogs or a cat on it. Within moments, the squirrel will be devoured, and you will not need to worry yourself about disposing the carcass. Cats, for instance, are always on the prowl to kill rodents that are found in the yard. This is a simple way of killing a squirrel in your yard since there is no input on your behalf. The task is performed by your dog or cat while you relax.

Killing a Squirrel without Poisoning It

There are also options that can be used to kill a squirrel without using poison on them. Excessive levels of sugar in the food stuffs that are consumed by the squirrels can play the trick. Just like the human body, excessive sugar levels in the blood leads to excessive weight. Therefore, if squirrels become overweight through the consumption of items with high levels of sugar, they may not be able to run away from predators. You can leave fruits with high sugar content in areas where the squirrels roam, and this can help to eliminate them from your yard.

Alternatively, you can also dispose foodstuffs with high content of salt since this increases the pulse when consumed by the squirrels. The squirrels can succumb to heart attack when the pulse has been increased to abnormally high levels. This is another simple method of killing a squirrel in the yard. It will naturally die, and you only need to be wary of disposing the carcass.

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