What are the most common types of animals that dig up the yard?

Perplexing Piles of Soil Many homeowners who have a garden have walked into their yard where they found perplexing piles of soil in their flower beds or in their lawn. Such homeowners knew that there must be a critter that dug up their yard.

There are a couple of wild animals that are common visitors to people’s yards. Keep in mind that there are essentially two reasons why wild animals dig up yards: food and lodging. The frequency of digging varies from season to season. Wild animals most usually dig in fall and spring. Wild animals especially love to dig up in the time of fall because they try to pick up as many calories they can to survive the upcoming winter. The fatter the wild animals become, the higher their chances of surviving the upcoming winter are. In the spring season, wild animals also dig because so they could regain the weight they have lost during the winter season. Food hunting is the number one task of all wild animals when they invade the yard.

If you constantly find holes caused by digging in your yard, you should know that you can easily identify what wild animal dug those holes up. Let’s have a look at the three main wild animal suspects.

If you find shallow holes in the ground that are surrounded by a ring of loosened soil, then you should suspect that a skunk was digging up in your yard. Skunks usually leave such clues when they dig up soil in the yard.

The disruption of your yard’s soil caused by skunks happens overnight because skunks are nocturnal creatures. Hole that skunks make are the size of their nose, i.e. they are small.

If you find in your yard chunks of sod that have been flipped over or ripped up, then you should suspect that raccoons have caused that. A raccoon’s diet is pretty similar to the diet of a skunk. However, in the search of food in yards, raccoons use their paws that resemble human hands. Raccoons simply enjoy ripping and flipping pieces of sod.

Moles are the most common wild animals found in yards. These animals leave piles of soil on the surface. They leave piles of soil in such a way because they are pushing the piles of soil up from below. Moles don’t leave any visible holes behind them.

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What are the most common types of animals that dig up the yard?

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