What animals chew on electric wires?

How common is rodent damage to electrical wires? All rodents are warm blooded animals which sports sharp incisor teeth in their lower and upper jaw that are constantly growing. Knowing this fact, we can easily conclude why rodents chew on various things in the homes they invade. These nasty animals chew on electrical wires, furniture, and wood to sharpen their developing incisor teeth.

Possibilities of rodents chewing on your electric wire
So, you were heading up to your attic to get some Christmas decorations. You entered you attic and you had something to see - a free wire hanging from your attic’s ceiling. You were probably surprised by this. You saw that the wire was completely ripped off. Once you saw that, you probably wondered who in the world did such a nasty thing.

Well if you suspected that was the work of rodents, you were right. Naked wires in your attic only mean one thing - that you have mice invasion in your attic. However, mice aren’t the only rodents that chew on electrical wires. There are also a couple of other rodents that are fond of chewing electrical wires. Squirrels are also fond of chewing on electrical wires.

Mice were always considered as varmint animals. These wild animals are fond of invading people’s homes, and especially attics. Once these animals get inside someone’s home, they will do damage to the home they have invaded whose repair will cost thousands of dollars. This is why people should immediately start getting rid of mice once they notice their presence. The main reason why nasty little mice will chew on your electrical wires is because they will sharpen their teeth that way.

Just like all other rodents, rats have sharp incisor teeth which sometimes ache them and which constantly grown. To relieve the pain they feel in their incisor teeth, rats will usually chew on various things, such as furniture, wood, walls, and even electrical wires. However, rats rarely chew on wires. Mice are actually the ones that are fond of chewing on electrical wires.

However, when a rat starts to chew on electrical wires, it will wreak havoc and sometimes start a fire in your home. There were several cases of houses which caught fire from short circuits caused by rats chewing on electrical wires. This is why you should get rid of rats as soon as possible.

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What animals chew on electric wires?

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