Do animals chew on water pipes? What are the risks?

Discovering that you have rodents or wild animals sharing your life space together with you can be an unsettling experience. Wild animals such as mice and rats are especially fond of sharing life space with people because they got used to people several centuries ago. Wild animals such as rodents are hazardous animals regarding the fact that they chew on electrical wires, bring various diseases in your home with their existence in your home, and because they leave their scat all over the place which is a health hazard. Most people don’t know that mice and rats are also capable of chewing on water pipes. Let’s learn do they make any damage to water pipes as they chew on them.

Rodents cause damage
Rodents not only like chewing on your electrical wires; they also love to chew on people’s water pipes. However, this happens rarely. Rats are fond of making damage to water pipes and they can do a lot of damage to water pipes once they start to chew on them. The first sign that a rat or a mouse has chewed on your water pipes is water leaking in spaces inside the dividers. This water leakage can actually destroy your wooden pillars. If you don’t take any action about the water leakage caused by rodents, you will create yourself a problem that will cost you a lot. Mice and rats are capable of chewing older types of water pipes. However, they usually fail at chewing on newer pipes made from more durable materials.

1. Leakage
Rodents bite. They bite whenever they can. When they can’t bite other animals, they chew on anything that comes their way, including water pipes. Rodents such as mice and rats have a reason for chewing on people’s water pipes. By chewing on people’s water pipes, mice and rats sharpen their teeth. A rat’s and a mouse’s teeth are extremely sharp so they can pretty much chew on any material they want. Mice and rats have no fear of chewing things such as electrical wires, water pipes, wood, and furniture. And once they start chewing on water pipes or electric wires, they will do damage whose repair will cost you a fortune.

2. Cost
The worst thing about damage done to your water pipes, furniture, wood, and other building materials by rodents is that insurance agencies don’t cover damage done by rodents. Insurance companies cover damage done by all wild animals except for rodents. This means that insurance companies will cover damage done to your home by wild animals such as bears, opossums, raccoons, iguanas, etc. However, they will never cover damage done by rodents.

The best thing to do if you notice that you have rodent infestation going on in your home is to take action immediately regarding the removal of your rodent invaders. If you don’t start getting rid of wild animals such as rodents the same second you see them in your home, the animals will turn your home upside down and do significant damage. The cost of repairing damage done by rodents is enormous.

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Do animals chew on water pipes? What are the risks?

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