What animals do rats kill?

Rats are found almost at the bottom of the food chain. A food chain, according to ecology, is comprised of different animals at different levels depending on which one eats what. As in the case of rats, they are found at a lower level, meaning that they are being fed on more by other animals as compared to the number of animals that they can actually kill for consumption.

Due to their size and their placement in the food chain, rats do prey on a few animals that are smaller in size. Some of these animals that can be attacked and eaten by rats include; mice, small birds like the bee hummingbird or the gold crest, young and small hatchlings, bugs, young small frogs and other insects.

However, the number rat predator is wide and diverse. Some of the animals that prey on rats range from birds of the prey such as hawks, owls, eagles, falcons, vultures to snakes of different kinds such as the rattle snakes, rat snakes, boa constrictors and even some of the tree snakes also feed on rats. Others predators include foxes, coyotes, wild cats, weasels, domestic cats, wild dogs not forgetting some human cultures.

How do rats defend themselves from predators?

• Though rats are not quick runners as stipulated, they can fit through small spaces unlike their predators. So, if attacked they will take off and hide in places that are unreachable like holes in the wall or under a rock. This is usually their first instinct action.
• They rarely use their sharp incisors and claws, but in some cases, they use their teeth to bite the predator and scratch using their claws in defence. This is common when they are dealing with predators of almost their size. For instance a large sized rat will try to tackle and fight off a young cat.
• Sometimes rats will notice danger when it is so close that they cannot run and hide. In this case, they will form a disguise. They will hold still or hide openly in a bunch of dirt so as they are not easily seen by their attackers and instead confuse them. Only the patient ones will wait till the rat decides to move to spot them again.
• They have an excellent sense of hearing. They easily hear if a predator is approaching from afar. This gives them an upper hand to escape to safety and if there is no safe place close by, the rat has enough time to figure an escape route before it is reached.

In the wild, the game of hunting and being hunted is what brings about balance in nature and only the strongest will survive.

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What animals do rats kill?

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